“In the near future, running out of room and resources on Earth, humankind launches a united effort to find new homes among the stars. An elite group of 12 explorers are selected for a lifelong quest to map the known Universe and pave the way for humanity’s last chance to leap into a new age. They are Starsailors.”

Pitch Book


Starsailor is an animated series currently in production and scheduled for release in the near future. The story follows a space explorer, Capt J.Waldo, after he is forced to make an emergency landing on a planet full of mysteries. What he discovers will alter the course of his life forever.

Made by a crew of skilled and self-assured independent thinkers, Starsailor is the brainchild Daniel N. Millen. Existing outside the standard Hollywood pipeline, we work together to problem solve, innovate, and work to each others’ strengths while at the same time seizing every opportunity to live life to its fullest.

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